2024 Attendees RSVP

2024 Hmong Entrepreneur Conference is a strategic investment in tomorrow's innovators. We believe that fostering entrepreneurial thinking begins early, and this year's event welcomes participants of all ages.

Here’s why your presence – regardless of your current entrepreneurial stage – is vital:

  • Planting the Seeds of Innovation: By inviting parents and their children, we create a space where young minds can be inspired by real-world problem-solving and witness the power of creativity in action. Your participation fosters the spark of entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation.
  • Building a Connected Ecosystem: Established business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs, your expertise is invaluable. Share your hard-earned knowledge, connect with potential future talent, and become a mentor who guides and inspires aspiring minds.
  • Fostering Cross-Generational Collaboration: We believe in the power of diverse perspectives. By bridging the generational gap, we create a dynamic environment where seasoned veterans can share their wisdom and young innovators can challenge the status quo, fueling collective progress.

Your attendance, at any level, contributes to creating an ecosystem where entrepreneurial spirit flourishes and future generations of trailblazers emerge.

Our Sponsors

We believe that with your support, we can achieve our mission of creating an entrepreneurial environment that identifies opportunities and encourages innovation. We kindly request your sponsorship to support the Hmong Entrepreneur Conference.

Together, we can empower underrepresented communities to achieve a prosperous future. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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